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Establishing a brand and eComm experience with an irreverent personality


BB Dakota is a millennial women’s fashion brand that has always believed that their love for fashion and, to an even stronger extent, their love for the women who wear their fashion, is the principle around which their entire brand philosophy should pivot. 

As a brand with a strong grasp of who they are and what they stand for,  our challenge was to simplify and clarify their brand platform, and to create an identity system and flagship eCommerce experience. One that helps them express themselves in the right way, to the right people.


Millennial women value authenticity and prefer experiences over products. Along with this, they have a high filter for “bullshit” and connect with brands that share their values and interests.

With a brand belief that ‘fashion is about looking exquisite and not giving a fuck’, we realized we could align the BB Dakota brand with a specific millennial woman: one that is fashion forward, has an irreverent personality, and wants to live in their clothes, not just wear them.

By telling brand and product stories centered around the experiences that you have in clothing, and not the actual garments themselves, we could establish a position and point-of-view that differentiates and connects with a like-minded culture of individuals.


We worked alongside the team at BB Dakota to establish a strategy aligned with the brand’s ambition and their audience’s desires. From identity and messaging, to the digital platform and content within it, we brought their personality forward to establish an experience that expresses their brand point-of-view: “It’s only Fashion.” 

In doing so, we created a brand ecosystem where customers can connect with content that they’re interested in, and shop for things they value--products that support their lifestyle and add something to their lives.

The Results

  • 700%
    Increase in CRM Sign Ups
  • 60%
    Increase in Unique Page Views
  • 93%
    Increase in Average Time on Page
  • 30%
    Improvement in Organic Search
  • 160%
    Improvement in Acq. Bounce Rate

Awards & Recognition

  • Webby Awards: 2017 Honoree

    Fashion / Beauty

  • Webby Awards: 2016 Honoree

    Shopping / eCommerce

  • Webby Awards: 2016 Honoree

    Mobile: Best User Experience

  • OMMA: 2016 Site of the Year

    Best Fashion/Beauty/Cosmetics Website

  • OMMA: 2016 Site of the Year

    Best Retail/Shopping

  • Awwwards: Site of the Year Finalist


  • Awwwards: Site of the Day

    Site of the Day / 2016

  • Communication Arts: Web Pick

    Web Pick of the Day / 2016

BB Dakota Fashion eCommerce, User Experience, and Web Design Case Study Behind the Build Image

A digital-first approach to branding

With digital being the primary connection point between the BB Dakota brand and their customer, we used the eCommerce experience as our foundation to define the brand identity framework.

Through exploration and iteration, we were able to establish a system rooted in raw aesthetics, real personality, and authentic opinions; as a brand with something to say, we designed how it was said by making it simple, but significant — bold typography, strong images, and a minimal elegance.

BB Dakota Fashion eCommerce Responsive Design

As we designed the system, we established brand guidelines and standards that communicate how to best represent the brand across channels. 

The new guidelines help them express their positioning, personality, and beliefs. Along with this, it provides direction for video and photography, as well as the the visual and verbal standards that we refined to define their new brand identity.

BB Dakota Fashion eCommerce Model in White Striped Shirt on White Background
BB Dakota Fashion eCommerce Model in White Shirt Posing on Couch
BB Dakota Fashion eCommerce Model in White Shirt Posing Outside
BB Dakota Fashion eCommerce Model Tan Jumper on White Background

Using culture to drive commerce

As we defined the eCommerce strategy, we put the user at the heart of our efforts. Focused on cultural insights and user behavior, we established a site framework that brings the brand to its audience in an experiential and unexpected way.

Throughout the user journey, brand storytelling and product presentation work together, seamlessly blending culture and commerce. With simplicity at the core of the user experience, we brought the site to life with rich content and delightful micro-interactions that inspire customers to browse as well as buy.

BB Dakota Fashion eCommerce Homepage Design

Elevating product presentation

What does it mean to focus on the customer experience of eCommerce? One contributing factor is how we present the product throughout the user journey from browsing to purchase. The eCommerce product listing pages and product detail pages are designed to provide context and motivation through original creative content, such as videos, trends, collection call-outs, and branded imagery.

BB Dakota Fashion eCommerce PLP and PDP Design

Contextual navigation

Our shopping platform is designed to bring an elevated experience to users, and we achieved that by first implementing utility to the product listing pages that allows users to search by occasion as well as the traditional methods, such as color and style. This approach helps users find products for a particular situation and, importantly, it aligns them with the brand’s positioning, bringing their unique personality and point-of-view forward.

Encouraging user-discovery

The intuitive experience we created is simple and comes alive to the beat of the ever-present BB Dakota brand. When the user explores, they discover more collection pages that pair the product with inspiration; the experience rewards the user and appeals to their explorative nature.

Our website tells our story beautifully and concisely via immersive content and a delightful user experience, and, in so doing, educates our consumer quickly and significantly on who we are.

Katherine Brandes: Creative Director, BB Dakota
BB Dakota Fashion eCommerce Collection Page Design